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    This book presents stories of migrants in therapy. It retraces the work of a psychotherapist who is an immigrant herself. She has challenged herself to reveal her technique and her work style in pursuit of helping those who have been in similar situations and educating those who haven’t.

    From the editor:

    Therapy Beyond Borders stands as the debut of Argentine psychotherapist María Gomez Soler, who developed her professional career between her country and the United States, where she emigrated in 2003.

    Her job gave her the privilege of listening to hundreds of stories of patients who also migrated in various circumstances. This allowed her to learn approaches that position her at the forefront of treating migrant people who seek therapy.

    The work relates six real cases based on transcripts of different therapy sessions that the author has taken as icons of the typical problems of migration. As a result, Gómez Soler has unraveled with great sensitivity and professionalism several issues that impact migrants, such as social stigmatization, discrimination, racism, language difficulties, bureaucracy, job insecurity, and expanded identity.

    Therapy Beyond Borders will capture the curiosity of all readers, immersing them in the challenges of responding to the changes that are not exclusive to migrants but that are at stake in all the stages of life.