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    Family Therapy

    Sometimes family communication doesn’t flow as we expect, or as we were used to. There is less harmony. Or maybe there is friction among some family members that have an impact on the dynamic of the rest of the family.

    Do you feel that family communication issues are draining your energy?

    Are you going through a separation, divorce, or trying to adjust to a blended family?

    Are you finding it hard to adapt to new life stages, or to cultural or generational differences?

    Are dysfunctional interactions between some members of the family creating issues for everyone?

    Are you dreading family meals, holidays, or any other occasion when the family gets together?

    If you are seeking help identifying the dysfunctional communication patterns and improving your family dynamics and relationships, I encourage you to contact me.

    Together, we’ll work on identifying triggers, and increasing awareness of unhelpful communication patterns to guide action.

    Contact me today. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help improve your family relationship.